26 Best Travel Deals for Prime Day 2022: Prime Early Access Sale

While not its lowest price at less than $20, it’s a travel must-have. This packing cube set is perfect because it comes with six bags – including a laundry bag and a shoe bag – perfect for keeping you organized on the go.

The small but powerful Sony XB13 is our pick for the best portable travel speaker. It packs great sound – perfect for any trip – and can be paired with other devices to create stereo sound. At $38, it’s the cheapest price we’ve seen for this speaker on Amazon.

Do you have Europe in your heart? Get the right tools on hand to charge your electronics, like this five-port travel plug adapter. While it works in most European countries, keep in mind that there are different outlets in the UK, Ireland and Scotland, although these are also sold.

Apple AirTags are a must for travel. Put one in your checked luggage and watch it travel with you – or, if your bag gets lost, you can easily find it. However, you need a case to hold your AirTag. This one comes with a handy shoulder strap for easy access inside your suitcase.

Avoid walking through the airport trying to balance everything in your hands: phone, luggage, backpack, kids, drinks, etc. This drink box attaches to your luggage handle and keeps spares in three pockets when you’re out and about.

Passport holders are a must for travelers – especially those with dedicated slots for vaccine cards. That’s less than $5 off a dual-use travel essential.

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Mosquito magnets, here’s a special deal for you: Relieve itchy bug bites with this handy sucker tool, now tied for the lowest price on three items. Say goodbye to itchy bites on your next vacation.

Compression stockings are a must-have even for someone who doesn’t travel a lot. With so many health benefits, now is a good time to stock up on compression stockings. Charmking has over 30 patterns to match your style.

Keep your fluids organized with these TSA-approved containers. Best of all, the bottle is leak-proof to prevent spills during your adventures. For less than $10, they’re a great tool to use over and over for years to come.

Get this leather passport holder for less than $15—a great deal for Prime Day this October. Available in 22 colors, it can hold your most important travel documents, cash, some travel credit cards and even boarding passes.

A travel umbrella should be a staple in any traveler’s luggage. After all, the weather can be very unpredictable no matter where you are. This travel umbrella is durable and windproof while being compact in size. And this October’s Prime Day prices are the lowest we’ve seen on umbrellas.

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