Amazon unveils new Sparrow robotic arm for sorting products in warehouses | Technology News

Amazon has unveiled a new robot that can process and sort through millions of items in its warehouses.

The large robotic arm, called Sparrow, is described by the company as the first system of its kind that “can detect, select and process individual products in our inventory.”

It will join existing robotic limbs deployed in Amazon warehouses to help sort packages before delivery.

Sparrow brings “major advancements” in robotics, using computer vision and artificial intelligence to help identify and properly handle millions of products.

Amazon said it would expedite a process that saw its global workforce pick, store or pack about 5 billion packages last year.

“Working with our staff, Sparrow will take on repetitive tasks, allowing our staff to focus their time and energy on other things while also improving safety,” it said.

“At the same time, Sparrow will help us improve efficiency by automating key parts of our fulfillment process, so we can continue to serve our customers.”

The impact of sparrows on work

Earlier this year, a survey found that one-third of businesses plan to make investment in automation a top priority in the event of a staff shortage.

About a third of jobs in the UK could become redundant by 2030 due to automation and workforce changes, according to a study by Arden University.

In September, the head of the UK’s largest and most advanced robotics centre told Sky News that society Need to prepare for an increase in robotic integration.

Amazon claims that the design and deployment of robots and technologies like Sparrow has actually created more than 700 new job categories and employed tens of thousands of people.

The company insists that robots like sparrows will not replace humans.

The tech giant has introduced apprenticeships to introduce employees to robotics and learn new skills, enabling them to take on technical maintenance jobs.

Amazon also unveiled a new Prime Air delivery drone, but it still has some way to go.Image: Amazon
Amazon also unveiled a new Prime Air delivery drone, but it still has some way to go.Image: Amazon

New drone to deliver packages

Amazon also unveiled a new delivery drone with better range, temperature and rain resistance.

Due to enter service in the US in 2024, the MK30 also has a redesigned propeller with a lower noise.

its existing MK27-2 drone finally deployed Free shipping in parts of California in summer, three years later Amazon says they Will be ready to start “within a few months”.

Amazon’s First drone delivery It took place in Cambridge, UK in December 2016, but the full-fledged delivery service has been around for a long time.

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