Baywater Trading Company Celebrates 1st Anniversary of Business with Fall Festival

Agricultural Market

Hebron, MD – Baywater trading company in Hebron Sunday celebrates its one-year anniversary with a fall festival, Thanks for the continued support from the community.

The event features an outdoor fall festival including games, pumpkins Picking, horseback riding, live music and more chromiumoz. Organizers said the event was focused on family fun, and their bakery and farmers market were packed with customers. Manager Megan Short told 47ABC it was the kind of support they dreamed of when they first opened a year ago.

“We have two Fall festival folks had a great time here, we have regulars going to the store every day, and seeing the community here is a support that we are so grateful for,” Short said.

Short told us they expanded the parking lot for the event, but there was no parking available only 30 minutes after the event started.

Fall Fest also features pop-up booths from other local suppliers to help give back to businesses that Baywater Trading says has helped them get on their feet.

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