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Brandon’s athleticism puts him on the recruiting radar

Posted on Monday, October 3rd, 2022 at 2:32pm

NATCHEZ — Wide receiver and senior Damarrco Blanton just wrapped up a visit to the University of Memphis last week and is looking forward to visiting Ole Miss this weekend.

Brandon grew up playing basketball, baseball and soccer. He initially liked basketball, but as he got older, he started playing football more.

Brandon’s father, Paul Terry, said Brandon’s football ability surpassed all other sports. Terry, who has coached Brandon since his time with the Natchez Titans, now watches games on Friday night.

“I’m so proud of him. He has some college offers. I’ll take him to Miss Ole this coming weekend. He’s got good grades too. He’s unique,” Terry said. “He went to Memphis last weekend. When they got there, they met with the coach and met with some of the players on the team. They visited the facility, walked around, visited the locker room. They went to the football stadium to meet the coach. They Meeting with current players. When game time comes, they’ll stand on the sidelines and watch them warm up. They go to a part of the stand to watch the game. It’s an exciting experience.”

Brandon made important contributions to Natchez this year, including a touchdown on a 60-yard punt against Wilkinson County. Against Jefferson County, he had a diving catch in the back of the end zone for the winning touchdown.

It was a play that his father had seen many times in Blanton. Terry said Brandon caught 39 of 41 passes last year. Brandon is averaging 34.1 yards per return in 2021, according to MaxPreps. Brandon has the speed and playmaking skills of Percy Haven, who played in Florida from 2006 to 2008, or Joe Adams, who played in Arkansas from 2008 to 2011.

Natchez head coach Steven Davis said Brandon, Mike Williams and Trellomino are all seniors who have worked hard all season and gave their all on the court. Brandon said after the opening night win over Wilkinson County that the new head coach was changing the culture and he embraced it.

“He changed all that and was very disciplined,” he said. “I like Coach Davis. We have to do everything at a fast pace. That’s why he makes us run on the training ground so we don’t get tired from the game.”

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