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Never mind Adele’s residency, it’s the gadgets of the future that are taking Las Vegas by storm this week.

From there go two miles down the road british star ingrained four month show At Caesars Palace, thousands of enthusiasts will experience the latest technology first-hand.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at las vegas The convention center will be operating at full capacity for the first time since the pandemic began on Thursday, raising anticipation for events such as Samsung, amazon Sony might be showing off.

Here’s your guide to what to expect from the world’s largest consumer tech event.


The CES exhibit halls officially open on Thursday and run through Sunday, but there will be plenty of announcements on Wednesday with a press conference hosted by key attendees.

Companies like LG, Sony, and Samsung will be streaming their events live on their YouTube channels.

who will be there

Most of the tech giants will be in attendance, including Amazon, LG, Microsoftand Samsung.

However, it is worth noting that apple It never attends CES, as it prefers to make announcements at its own events.

so is samsung Google When it comes to their annual smartphone updates, so expect the former to prioritize TVs and appliances here, while the latter’s presence will likely be focused on the smart home.

It does mean that there is plenty of room for small companies and start-ups to make their mark among the nearly 3,000 participating companies, with this year’s focus on sustainability and wellness products.

CES is also always packed with computer makers like Intel, Nvidia, and AMD, which will be worth watching given the ongoing Struggle with chip supplyas well as automakers such as BMW and Mercedes.

The weirdest announcements of CES 2020:
Concept car inspired by Avatar
Self-sinking golf balls and flying taxis

Anti-snoring pillows and micro security systems

Kirsten Mackin receives a massage at the Massage Robotics booth during CES 2022 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S., January 6, 2022. REUTERS/Steve Marcus TPX Picture of the day
Health and fitness tech, like this massage robot booth, was a mainstay at CES

What kind of product should we expect?

Thousands of products will be on display at the convention center, with familiar standbys like TVs, monitors, drones and kitchen appliances taking up plenty of space.

Asus is launching a laptop with a 3D display—Samsung has unveiled an oven equipped with a camera that can recognize food and even live-stream the inside to social media (check it out, MasterChef).

Beyond that, there are some key areas to focus on:

electric car

Sony is best known for its cameras, TVs and its PlayStation division, but its most intriguing announcement at CES had to do with its first foray into electric vehicles.

The Japanese tech giant struck a partnership with fellow automaker Honda last year and all but confirmed that the fruits of that deal — almost certainly self-driving cars — would be showcased this week.

Stellantis, which owns Peugeot, Vauxhall and Fiat, will feature prominently at the show, with BMW also hosting the keynote.

health and fitness

There’s no better time to show off tantalizing new fitness products than the start of the new year, and exhibitors are likely to bring plenty of health gadgets to the show.

These include the Evie Ring — a wearable device aimed at women that monitors heart and breathing rates and offers period and ovulation tracking.

Organizers said the show would also highlight the “importance of remote connectivity to accessible healthcare”, which could resonate in the UK Under unprecedented pressure on the NHS.

PlayStation VR2 headset and its controllers.Figure: Sony
PlayStation VR2 will be showcased ahead of its February launch.Figure: Sony

smart home

A major shakeup in the smart home market in late 2022 may have been off your radar, but it opened the door to a potential deluge of new devices.

Matter launched in November – a new smart home standard that essentially allows all the different ecosystems (Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Home, etc.) Control every smart device in your home.

Companies big and small are expected to take advantage of and showcase their products at CES, from home security to cooking appliances, with Samsung promising “new and expanded experiences” for its line of SmartThings.

Virtual Reality

While CES isn’t traditionally focused on gaming, Sony would be remiss not to dedicate some of its keynote to PlayStation VR2, only one month from now.

Other players in the space may also want to draw some attention, with HTC expected to announce a competitor to Meta’s Quest 2, which is One of the most popular gadgets of the Christmas shopping season.

Don’t bet on any announcements from Meta itself, but it’s hoping CES will encourage punters to take another look at its premium Quest Pro headset, which launched in October for a dizzying £1,499 to mixed reviews.

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