Donald Trump says Ron DeSantis is ‘average’ amid speculation the two could be rivals for the GOP presidential nomination | U.S. News

Donald Trump described Ron DeSantis as an “ordinary” politician in a statement aimed at disparaging those who could run against him for the Republican presidential nomination.

Mr. DeSantisThe 44-year-old was re-elected governor of Florida with nearly 60 percent of the vote, marking him as a rising star and a potential contender for the presidency in 2024.

but the former president Mr Trump Describing him as “Ron DeSanctimonios”, a politician who was “desperate” when he ran for his first term in 2017.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks to reporters in Tallahassee, Fla. Photo: Tallahassee Democrat/AP
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.Image: Democratic Party of Tallahassee/Associated Press

Mr Trump said: “He’s dead politically, losing by a landslide to a very good agriculture commissioner, Adam Putnam, with cash and a ton of polls.

“Ron has low approval ratings, poor polls and no money, but he said if I back him he can win.

“When I supported him, it was like, to use a bad word, the nuke went off.”

“I also fixed his campaign, which was completely unraveled,” Mr. Trump added, before praising himself for preventing Mr. DeSantis’ election from being “stolen.”

Despite no real evidence, Mr. Trump has maintained that his 2020 loss to Joe Biden was rigged.

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Voters in the midterm elections have generally rejected candidates who support Trump’s claims.

The election results are premature in many areas, but while they could win both houses of Congress, the Republicans did not win as easily as many expected.

Some of Trump’s fellow Republican politicians have accused him of putting him in a vulnerable position after six years in office largely unchallenged.

Writing on social media, he dismissed any suggestion that he was angry with the results, saying he was “very busy looking ahead”, adding: “Remember I am a ‘stable genius’.”

Trump, 76, has hinted he will run for president again and has made a major announcement on Nov. 15, when he is expected to formally run.

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He said DeSantis was “playing a game” by refusing to rule out a 2024 presidential run, adding: “Fake News asked him if he would run if President Trump ran, and he said: ‘I’m just focusing on I’m not looking ahead to the governor’s race.”

“Well, that’s really not the right answer in terms of loyalty and class.”

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He described the run-up to his 2016 victory as many of his competitors “disappeared from sight…after I knocked them down one by one with ease”.

“We’re in exactly the same position now.

“They’ll keep chasing us, MAGA, but in the end, we’ll win.

“Put America First and Make America Great Again!”

Mr. DeSantis did not comment on Mr. Trump’s remarks.

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