Elon Musk reveals renaming Twitter to X — and what he wants us to call tweets now | Tech News

Elon Musk unveils Twitter rebrand with big X logo.

CEO of the company Linda Yacarino “Twittered” an image of the apparent new logo, beamed from the side of its headquarters in San Francisco, California.

“Lights. Camera. X!” she wrote.

musk An image of the new logo was also posted at the company’s headquarters – when asked what the name of the tweet is now, he said: “x”.

it appears after The world’s richest man teased an upcoming rebrand all weekend or social media platforms He bought the company for $44bn (£38bn) last October.

Official Company Name Twitter Inc, Already changed its name to X Corp back in April.

Musk talked about his launch aspirations early on “X, everything app”, even before buying Twitter.

He had previously compared his plans with WeChat in Chinawhich brings together familiar features like messaging, payments, marketplaces, and public posts into one place.

Ms. Jacarino appeared to confirm Sunday’s tactic.

“X is the future of infinite interaction,” she said, with a focus on “audio, video, messaging, payments/banking” and “powered by artificial intelligence.”

Musk launched his own artificial intelligence startup earlier this yearcalled xAI, and it will work with his existing companies — including Tesla and Twitter.

Twitter’s rebrand marks the biggest change to the platform since Musk began his tumultuous tenure.

Major changes include substantial layoffs, Remove the verification tick and lock it behind the monthly subscription feeand Limit the number of posts people can see per day.

Taken together, these policies have prompted some of the platform’s 36-400 million users to seek new pastures, Meta’s Threads app proves to be the biggest threat yet.

Launched earlier this month, the Twitter-like platform from the company’s Instagram team became the fastest-growing app in history, amassing 100 million users in five days.

Its tough stance on moderation proved attractive, but the app lacked key features, such as the ability to search for specific topics or terms, hashtags, and the option to tailor timelines only to people you follow.

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