Emilio Manuel Camu Wins Utah Business Living Color Award News @UVU | News @UVU

Emilio Manuel Camu, director of the Center for First Generation Student Success at Utah Valley University​​ (UVU), has been selected by the Utah Business School as one of 22 recipients of the Living Color Awards. The Living Color Awards honor individuals in the community who are creating a more equitable and inclusive future for Utah.

“It’s humbling to be recognized as someone who has positively impacted Utah’s business climate through equity, diversity and inclusion, especially given the resumes of winners over the past four years,” Cam said. “I am fortunate to continue the work that so many have done before me; what a fitting responsibility to lead others together to make Utah a better state for our marginalized communities.”

As Director of the First Generation Student Success Center, Emilio is responsible for providing leadership development, peer and faculty mentoring, scholarships, access to resources, and fun activities for UVU’s first-generation student population.

UVU is honored to have Emilio as a mentor to first-generation students and a beacon of inclusion in Utah. Congrats, Emilio!

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