Even the Prime Minister of Sweden has been tweeting the wrong Liz Truss | Political News

A woman named Liz Trussell on Twitter is having her own John Lewis moment as people confuse her with Britain’s next prime minister.

Ms Trussell appears to have previously acquired the Twitter handle @LizTruss Conservative Party Leader (who via @trussliz), with rival party leaders and even the Prime Minister of Sweden sending the wrong account.

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While some may correct those who tweeted in error, Ms Trussel has been sending cheeky replies with somewhat hilarious results.

Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas believes she has launched a blistering attack on the next prime minister, when she wrote: “@LizTruss still doesn’t get it – Boris Johnson *didn’t* get Brexit done, his myriad Mistakes about Covid cost countless lives and he lost his office when he left.

“At the same time, she’s campaigning as a right-wing ideologue and will govern that way – a disaster for all of us.”

When another Twitter user echoed “I bet she loves cake,” Ms Trussel was delighted to confirm the inevitability, writing: “I love cake.”

A few hours later, it was the Swedish prime minister’s turn to send the wrong message.

Magdalena Andersson promptly deleted her post, but not before Ms Trussell offered to meet.

She even suggested that the Scandinavian leader should bring delicacies from her home country, writing: “Looking forward to a visit soon! Get your meatballs ready.”

Twitter user Mollymoo wrote: “Congratulations to @LizTruss for a job well done.

“Show them that the best man for the job is a woman.”

Ms. Trussel replied, “Missionaries.”

Some Twitter users, realising that Ms Trussel was not Britain’s next prime minister, reached out in support.

Soulis Theodosiou wrote: “There must be a way to appoint a new PM via Twitter and the Queen accidentally appointed @Liztruss.”

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Ms Trussel supported her close friendship with her royal namesake, writing in a reply: “Yes!!!!!! Queen Liz and I will be best friends.”

Jack Graham liked what he saw when he looked at Ms Trussell’s profile picture and wrote: “Liz Trussell with the @Liztruss Twitter handle looks like an absolute jerk! Can we ask her to PM instead? @loveofhuns.”

Ms Trussell approved the message and retweeted it.

Another Twitter user, “Alan”, said Ms Trussell would have his support if “you give us breakfast all day”.

Mr Trussel loved it and replied: “Don’t worry, I got you.”

Ms Trussell’s experience is similar to that of John Lewis, an American father of four, who receives more than 50,000 tweets a year from people trying to contact the British retail chain.

real litz truss Will be the next prime minister after defeating Rishi Sunak in the Conservative leadership race.

Ms Truss, who is most likely to win, will succeed Boris Johnson as the third female U.S. leader on Tuesday.

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