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Ted Danson’s Progress is pleased to announce an upcoming episode scheduled to air on Bloomberg Primetime TV on Saturday, October 8th.

First, the show will discover how proprietary technology and value-added performance analysis can help asset owners maximize solar power generation. Viewers will learn about NovaSource Power Services’ (NovaSource) Solar Operations Center (NOC) — which uses real-time operational capabilities and predictive analytics to deliver clean energy to homes and businesses around the world — and will describe how NovaSource helps homeowners maximize return on investment , while reducing the impact of climate change through renewable energy generation.

Further exploring sustainability and energy solutions, viewers will learn about improvements in energy-efficient snowmaking as the series educates ReNewSnow. With nearly zero carbon emissions, viewers will hear how the technology is disrupting the world of snowmaking with solutions that enable ski resorts to reduce their cost and carbon footprint.

Next, the show will reveal how the latest developments in agricultural technology are driving the industry forward as it explores the ground-breaking practices and techniques taking place at Cedar Point Nursery (CPN) responsible for reducing the vast amount of risk that used to exist . To be carried by nurseries and fruit producers.

Viewers will also learn how innovations in automation and sustainable manufacturing are enabling high-quality next-generation signage in a variety of industries. Onlookers will hear from experts and learn how DSA Signage (DSA) creates unique and enduring signage through sustainable manufacturing methods that use high-quality raw materials and on-site engineering to deliver better products, reduce lead times, At the same time improve sustainability and ensure long-term long-term stability.

“We look forward to exploring how sustainable technologies can be implemented across multiple industries today to reduce our environmental impact and reverse our carbon footprint,” said Chad Densen, Production Manager for DMG Productions and the Advancements Series.


About progress and DMG production:

Advancements is an information-based educational television series that explores the latest developments in multiple industries and economies. The series uncovers important issues and themes affecting society today, showcasing cutting-edge improvements, state-of-the-art technologies and innovative solutions responsible for shaping, shaping and transforming our world.

Backed by experts in a variety of fields, DMG Productions is committed to education and advancement, and consistently produces commercial-free educational programming for audiences and networks.

For more information, visit http://www.AdvancementsTV.com or call 866-496-4065.

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