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Are date night deodorants a thing? Excellent? Well, Glossier is about to be one of them. The beauty brand launched its first-ever deodorant collection today, available in four scents, including one featuring its signature Glossier You fragrance. It’s as warm, spicy, and alluring as a beloved fragrance—but that’s not its only virtue.

Here are my first impressions after testing the new deodorant.

The latest addition to Glossier’s clean girl beauty line will leave you feeling and smelling clean, too. This deodorant keeps underarms odor-free with a sensitive-skin-friendly formula, recyclable and refillable packaging, and three scented and unscented options.

Dermatologist-tested, Glossier deodorant is aluminum-free, contains no baking soda, acid, or water (which can upset the pH of your underarms and cause odor), and is gentle enough not to irritate sensitive underarms . Potato Starch and Magnesium Hydroxide help absorb moisture, while Elderberry Extract and Coconut Oil condition skin and reduce odor. When swiped on, it doesn’t leave a chalky feel, nor is it overly wet and dries invisibly.

It comes in a convenient refillable form with a reusable and recyclable box. Just plug in one of the refills and you’re ready to go—it really is that easy. When you’re done with a stick, you can recycle the refill, then reuse the box unlimited times with your favorite scent or try new ones. I love that the product can be easily eco-swapped and swaps out traditional single-use products with hard-to-recycle components for products with an infinite life cycle.



The wide range of scent options is also a plus, as you can choose from a scented version of the most popular Glossier You, refreshing Sandstone, floral Neroli Neroli or a simple unscented version. Sandstone is a refreshing, spa-like scent with notes of sandalwood, clary sage and fig leaf; fans of Glossier’s Body Hero line will recognize pear, citrus and cypress notes of orange blossom; For those who want to keep it fresh and natural, Unscented can mask any smell without adding any.

All three deodorants are fairly strong and have a perfume-like effect that lasts all day. Depending on your preferences, the strong fragrance could be a drawback. I wore Sandstone to an hour-long yoga class and found that the deodorant successfully masked any body odor, but didn’t completely eliminate it. Instead, the smell covered it up and lingered—I could smell the deodorant throughout class and then until I showered. Normally, I don’t notice the smell of my deodorant (I’ve been using Alo Yoga’s Supernatural Deodorant) after it dries, so it feels like Glossier’s deodorant has the effect of applying a scented body lotion.

Also, after using Glossier You deodorant on a night out, the smell lingers and can be clearly smelled on my clothes. In fact, I throw all my shirts in the laundry room after using a scented Glossier deodorant (no matter how short) because the smell transfers so strongly to my clothes.

On the other hand, if you’re determined to smell great all day long, deodorants are worth a try. Especially if you’re already a fan of Glossier You, layering your perfume and deodorant will ensure you’re surrounded by irresistible scents.



Glossier deodorants are the frontrunners in taking a skincare approach to underarm care and successfully hiding any odor. The closest comparison I can come up with is Alo Yoga Supernatural Deodorant, which is similar in application and texture to Glossier’s deodorant. The round stick fits easily in a gym bag, feels conditioned on skin and dries invisibly. However, Alo’s deodorant has a light, fresh scent that you won’t notice after you apply it. So it doesn’t hide body odor either and I usually reapply it during the day or before going to an event.

I’ve also tried other aluminum-free deodorants from beauty brands like Kosas’ Chemistry Deodorant and Boscia’s Prebiotic Probiotic Fresh Allover Body Deodorant, but I never stuck with them due to application and efficacy issues. From past experience, there’s often a compromise between an effective deodorant and one that doesn’t contain aluminum, but Glossier’s deodorant seems to have hit the nail on the head.


Sophie Shaw/CNN

Considering the aluminum-free formula, I was impressed with the staying power of each scented version and how successful they were at hiding any smell. They might be too scented for the gym or working out, but for everyday outings and yes, even date night, these scents provide ambient masking for any body odor.

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