Hiking for Success in Career and Family

John McFerrin opened Take a Hike Mountain Outfitters in April 1999.

John McFerrin loves the outdoors. So much so that he opened his own outdoor store.

McFerrin moved from Arkansas to the Black Mountains in 1986 and eventually opened Take a Hike Mountain Outfitters in April 1999 in his new home.

“I’ve always loved hiking and camping, and I started backpacking and learning about these things in the early to mid-70s, and it kind of became a hobby and then a passion,” McFerrin said. “One day, I just jumped ship to see if I could open my own shop and never looked back.”

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Before opening his own store, McFerrin said he worked for a similar clothing store in Asheville, where he specialized in the shoe department. He describes himself as a “shoe geek”.

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