Honoring D’Vonne Pickett Jr. Heroes of the Climate Commitment Arena

Devon Pickett Jr. is known as a pillar of the Midtown community. He is the owner of The Postman and a supporter of youth in the area.

SEATTLE — Seattle business owner and community leader D’Vonne Pickett Jr. was honored at the Climate Commitment Arena on Thursday, Nov. 10. Pickett Jr., Oct. 19, was in Shots were fired outside the “Postman” store in the district.

Pickett Jr. is known as a pillar of the Midtown community, constantly showing love and inspiring others.

“Devon came here for a purpose, maybe he served his purpose, so God took him to another level,” said Devon’s grandfather, Maurice Hunter.

The 31-year-old is an inspiration not only for his own three children, but also for young people across the Midlands, with a reputation across the region.

“The mission that D’Vonne and I believe in is to keep the community connected with our blood, sweat and tears, and that’s what we’ll continue to do,” said Pickett Jr.’s wife, Keanna Pickett.

Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell shared his gratitude for Pickett Jr. He also shared his grief, remembering little Pickett’s night.killed

“I got a call from my son,” Mayor Bruce Harrell said, tears in his eyes. “My son said Dvonne was shot, I think he was.”

It was a night where little Pickett’s sisters couldn’t move on.

“My brother and I were just like that,” said Pickett Jr.’s sister De’Auz’ Janae Pickett, who said they were close. “From womb to grave, in a million years I never thought I’d be here.”

But his sister said their family was using his strength and spirit to get through.

“He had the purest soul I’ve ever seen in my life,” said De’Auz’ Janae Pickett. “He is the most real, literally, a divine being.”

Little Pickett is still here because while his life is over, his love for the community is not, his family said. He has now passed the baton and made others love as much as he did.

The man accused of shooting Pickett Jr. He is currently in jail awaiting trial on first-degree murder, robbery and assault charges.

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