Joe Biden hosts Leo Varadkar on St. Patrick’s Day, says he ‘strongly supports’ Windsor Framework | World News

Irish flag, poetry and Niall Horan performance…this White House visit is another diplomatic success for Ireland

“Every American president is a little bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day…but some are more Irish than others.” Leo Varadkar’s words drew raucous cheers at the White House Joe Biden (Joe Biden) also grinned, “no doubt the son of Ireland”.

The prime minister is right. The second Irish Catholic U.S. president after JFK, Joe Biden is without doubt the proudest man of Irish descent. The president’s grandfather told him, “The best blood in you is Irish,” he said, and he did seem to take that to heart.

For traveling Irish journalists, it’s easy to take it all for granted every year – access to the Oval Office, the Irish flag, songs, music, poetry, the green White House fountain… the outpouring of affection and warmth heading to Europe A small country on the edge.

But this assurance of access to the most powerful office in the world is remarkable, and the Irish government and diplomats are well aware of the leverage it confers. Mr Varadkar today thanked the president for US support for Brexit – “which is really important”, he said.

The proud Irish-American, with roots in counties Mayo and Louth, has repeatedly voiced support for the Windsor framework, again subtly increasing the pressure on the DUP, whose leader Geoffrey Donaldson was present at the shamrock ceremony to accept the deal .

But Biden failed to provide as many details about his upcoming trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland as many had expected. The date is still unclear.

But for the Irish, it was another diplomatic success. We see the US president on the arm of Mullingah heartthrob Neil Horan, berate the Irish rugby team and wish them a grand slam win over England, and talk about aul sod in the most sentimental way possible.

Leo Varadkar will be heading home, reassured that Irish interests will be well protected, especially in this White House.

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