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In Delaware County Government —

Delaware, Indiana — Every year, INdigital presents the Tom Brindle Technology Award. The award is named after the former Kosciusko County 911 Director and former Kosciusko Sheriff who died in 2011. Brindle was also president of NENA, Indiana at the time of his death. He was instrumental to INdigital as a 911 pioneer and visionary.His 911 center is text 911 and other technologies in Indiana.

From INdigital – “The Tom Brindle Technology Award is a recognition of technical contributions to Indiana’s 911 service. Brindle is an Indiana thought leader providing guidance, ideas and leadership on how technology can be used to improve 911 service for our citizens. Parameters of the award Virtually limitless, we are looking for individuals or agencies that use technology in some form to improve Indiana’s public safety services. Contributions to 911 services can—but are not limited to deploying new systems, software, policies, organizations, and/or procedures , to use technology to improve 911 service.”

Delaware County 911 Communications Center Fred Cummings nominated Kyle Johnson for the award. His nomination letter includes the following:

‘The Delaware County 911 Center faces many challenges in 2022. With the addition of a new director and deputy director, one of the top priorities in January was COVID-delayed deployment of new CAD systems. The new CAD version is far from where it should be, and a go-live date has been set for mid-June. Delaware County GIS Coordinator Kyle Johnson will attest to the success of the new CAD deployment. The task is absolutely daunting. Kyle faced a complete rezoning of the entire county to meet the requirements of the county fire and EMS agencies. He worked day and night, meeting with all involved parties, and completely redoing all mappings. Hundreds of hours involved. He smiled and never complained. The end result is a fully remapped response map for the entire county. I can’t describe in this short article how much this has affected the successful launch of this new CAD. The new CAD release would not have been possible without Kyle’s dedication and tireless efforts.

“Not only the 911 center, but many other departments in the county routinely ask Kyle for assistance with map issues and many other assistance. He is truly loyal not only to his position, but to the county as a whole. In addition to his GIS work, he is A member of the Tools team in the Emergency Management Department. His contributions have been an important part of the success of not only the 911 Center, but the entire county.”

Shane Rekeweg from INdigital presented Kyle with the award at the Delaware County Commissioner’s meeting on October 3rd.

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