Local businesses donate to Bridgeport High School concession stand

BRIDGEPORT, West Virginia (WDTV) – A local business is reaching out to the Bridgeport High School franchise booth.

Climatrol, Incorporated recently donated a heating and air conditioning unit to the building at Wayne Jamison Field.

Heat from concession stand machines has become an issue.

The folks at Climatrol rushed to come forward when they learned of the problem.

“Growing up in Bridgeport, it was a great place to grow and I wanted to give back,” said Mark Garner, Secretary/Treasurer of Climatrol, Inc. “I want to create a situation like when I was growing up. It’s all the people who gave us that created this situation, so I also want to give back a little bit, with the special way we provide heating and air conditioning.”

Bridgeport officials said the money saved by the donation will go directly to helping the school’s student-athletes.

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