Manor Gallery Boutique Celebrates Opening Week

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – Some of the pieces are cute and can be brought back to life. That’s why Amy Beehler, owner of Estate Gallery, wanted to open a shop that would sell vintage items.

The new boutique features vintage jewelry, luxury handbags, trinkets repurposed from old bottles, and other eco-friendly options.​​​ Beehler wants to help repurpose merchandise to protect the environment and give residents the option to find unique items.

“Once we started looking at vintage jewelry, we really realized that vintage and estate jewelry is indeed recyclable. So, from there, we wanted to do a higher-end product and found some pieces,” Beehler said.

The grand opening of the boutique will continue until Saturday, October 29th. During the opening week, they have extra incentives like giveaways and specials.

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