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Memphis, Tennessee — Memphis drag artist Barbie Wyle wonders who canceled a family-friendly drag show at the Memphis Museum of Science and History (MoSH).

The Memphis Pride drag show and dance party was canceled Friday night due to protests outside the museum, formerly known as the Pink Palace.

“There’s nothing inherently provocative or inherently adult when it comes to cross-dressing,” Wyle said. “I know that most drag performers don’t approach drag for the sake of friendship with kids. However, that doesn’t mean we’re like dangerous creatures or dangerous people to kids.”

Wyre said the exhibition was to celebrate the closing of the exhibition.

“It was meant to be a celebration of an exhibition that showcased LGBT history and activism,” she said.

The Memphis Police Department (MPD) sent the following statement to FOX13 regarding the cancellation:

“Pink Palace management has opted to cancel all events on the evening of Friday, September 23, 2022. MPD has been asked to assist. No incidents have occurred and no arrests have been made.”

FOX13 also contacted MoSH officials, who said the event was canceled due to threats from armed protesters.

The Ministry of Health issued the following statement:

“Our Executive Director Kevin Thompson has decided to cancel the event and ask the police to clear the building. The threat is to arm the protesters – the Proud Boys. This decision was made for the safety of performers and patrons. We understand that the protesters were Access to the property is permitted. We are working closely with MPD to monitor the situation. We are reviewing Friday night’s events to gain insight into future protocols.”

The museum is owned by the City of Memphis.

Wyre said 200 tickets were sold for the event.

She and other protesters ended the night at the home of Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland, where they tried to get the mayor to answer questions.

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