Memphis leaders help clean up Berclare community

Memphis, Tennessee (WMC) – Memphis leaders, police and community organizations help clean up the Berclair neighborhood with a community walk.

The police chief said: “A lot of issues in the community are across police, across code enforcement and across health departments, so this is a great opportunity for us to see the myriad of issues and concerns we have here. Community members have. “

Berclair Community Watch leaders said the biggest problems were homelessness, drugs and crime.

Many others said people were desperate, living in vacant homes and abandoned cemeteries.

“Maybe find a solution to homelessness and figure out what we can do as a community, as a nation, because it’s everywhere,” said the chairman of Neighborhood Watch.

“Whether it’s a police issue or anything else that’s bothering our community, please pick up the phone, because, you know, broken windows attract other types of problems, litter attracts other types of problems, so we’re just asking every Individuals are just engaged.”

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