Missouri Bengals Mizzou to The Lou vs. Memphis Bengals

The Missouri Bengals take on the Memphis Bengals on September 23, 2023, at the Dome at the American Center in St. Louis. Louis, Missouri The last game of the Missouri Bengals was in St. St. Louis, Missouri, in 2010, as they face Battle Illini, Illinois. Mizzou left with a 23-13 victory.

The Tigers clash between Missouri and Memphis was originally scheduled for the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, Tennessee. Transfer venue from Memphis to St. Lewis gave the Missouri Bengals a clear advantage.

“Mizzou to the Lou” is a series of events held in St. Petersburg. St. Louis Athletic Commission. This is the first of its kind. Several of the Missouri Bengals’ athletic events in the 2023-24 season will come from this partnership.

This will have many benefits for colleges, athletes and students. The connection between the Missouri Bengals and St. Louis from a recruiting standpoint. The Lewis area is strong and old. This branding and STL sponsorship only strengthens those connections. Mizzou players also want more NIL opportunities. Student groups will be able to act as ambassadors and promote the event. Not just this event, but all Mizzou to Lou events.

This is a huge win for the city of St. Louis.Lewis and the Missouri Bengals

Athletics director Desireé Reed-Francois had this to say about the announcement:

“The St. St. Louis area is an important market for us in terms of recruiting, fan engagement and corporate support, and we look forward to playing at The Dome next fall. Finding a unique way to host events in the city has been a priority for Mizzou Athletics. This is a rare opportunity for fans of the United States as we bring Mizzou Athletics closer to St. Louis and the surrounding area. We appreciate the St. St. Louis Athletic Commission partnership and look forward to continuing to grow and enhance the Mizzou brand statewide. We appreciate the hard work of so many people making this series.”

This is another step in the right direction for the Missouri Tigers track and field program. Not much exposure. The Tigers remain committed to recruiting local players in the state. This is not only a victory for the Missouri Bengals football program, but also a victory for the basketball program. Anything that draws attention to the program in a positive way is a plus.

Playing at the American Center’s dome means the potential to play on grass for 70,000 people. It was one of the toughest off-field games in Missouri. This season, the Memphis Tigers are 4-1, including a 2-0 division record, good enough to claim the No. 1 spot in the American Track and Field League.

The rest of the Mizzou to the Lou series and how to buy tickets should be available in the coming months. We’ll be updating as more information becomes available regarding game times, ticket sales and any other Mizzou-to-Lou announcements.

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