MTN plans to transform into tech company by 2025

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Medium-term notes Nigeria said it was planning to become a technology company, not a telecommunications company, by 2025. Shodunke Shoyinka, CIO of MTN Nigeria, said at the 2022 Texcellence Keynote Conference; “Advocating a Visionary Africa” ​​organised by the CWG in Lagos over the weekend.

The company’s MoMo PSB is a completely different entity from MTN Nigeria, she said, adding that the company is considering doing the same due to the company’s trend of transitioning to a holding structure.

“I think MTN is like any other telco today, you’ll see every one of them thinking about transitioning into a tech company. So we’re going from being a telco today to a tech holding company. We’ve made a for ourselves a A very bold ambition, we call it Ambition 2025. By 2025, we want to see ourselves as a proper technology company, not the telecom company we are today,” he said.

Now this involves a lot of things we need to change for ourselves. From our governance, processes, technology, culture, and even KPIs.”

He pointed out that the governance of traditional telecom companies is rather monolithic, while the governance of technology companies is very different. “When you look at technology companies, the data is driven all the way to the front line. When you look at the set of technologies employed, they tend to standardize on telcos in terms of technology. But when you look at technology companies again When they do, they scan again for new technologies and enable these teams to use artificial intelligence, robotics, KPIs, you know KPIs for telcos are pretty punitive.

“But for tech holding companies, there is liquidity and they have to be innovative all the time. We have to take a step back and look at this ambition and look at all these things that we need to change,” he explained. The CIO further stated that the company is built in tribes, while adding that it touches on different business verticals and supports the feeling that this culture will lead to change.

“But it’s a long journey and one has to embrace agility. Agility is key to how we’re going to build and how we have to survive to be a tech company. So for a tech company, it’s more about Platform. It’s a result. There’s always something different in what you offer, unlike telcos, it’s almost standardized,” Shoyinka said.

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