New book examines the sports industry

In 2018, the Lundquist College Advisory Board expressed interest in the college’s role in the global sports industry. Professor Emeritus of Marketing Roger Best and Dennis Howard answered the call. After initial research into the business of sports, they recruited 12 graduate students – eight from our Sports Product Management program and four from our Sports Marketing Centre in Warsaw – and seven undergraduates. The result is a first-of-its-kind comprehensive compendium for anyone in the business of sports.

“Our students have played a huge role in data collection and data analysis,” Best said. “Overall, our database has over 250,000 items.” The model extends well beyond the United States, representing 35 countries.

The first book to comprehensively account for the $2.3 trillion sports industry, Global Sports Industry: Events, Fans, Products, Engagement and COVID-19 Impact, now available for purchase online and in print at Amazon. A portion of the proceeds from book sales will support further research at the Faculty.

The researchers identified three main areas to classify the many factors of the sports industry. They are: Fan Engagement, Sports Products and Sports Engagement.

“When all the elements of this model add up in revenue worldwide, the total is $2.3 trillion,” Howard explained. “More importantly, we can show where every dollar comes from.”

The authors believe this book will be a trusted resource not only for academics studying the business of sports, but also for journalists, marketers and other industry stakeholders.

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—AnneMarie Knepper-Sjoblom ’05, Lundquist College Newsletter

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