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We are validating old knowledge with new technology to improve mental performance: Nimrod Mon Brokman, Behavioral Foresight

ETHealthworld editor Shahid Akhter and Nimrod Mon BrockmanCo-Founder, Behavioural Vision, PHD (Potential Health Development) Partner and Indo-Israeli Business Consultant for their approach to improving mental health through the use of innovative technologies.

Your thoughts on ‘mental health’ in India
I arrived in India in 2016 and started getting acquainted with the mental health sector in Bangalore. In India, every region, every place is different, there is a taboo when it comes to mental health issues. When we approach clients, they are often embarrassed and uncomfortable. They have a wide range of responses,”what are you saying? Why are you talking like that?why do you classify me like this? “.

We’ve spent about 2 years building trusting relationships with our clients about mental health, so that they understand that we’re not talking about illness, but about performance. When I say performance, it can be athletic, it can be executive level, even our daily life…how you live your life, how do you be yourself from morning to night – it’s your own business Contribute to your performance.

In 2019-20, when Covid hit, there was more focus on the physical side, and people suddenly started talking more freely about mental health. As the situation becomes more extreme and challenging for more and more people across the globe, they realize that mental health issues are not always considered serious illnesses. Feelings of burnout, overwhelming stress, overwhelming emotions, etc. All of this results in them being less cognitively effective than usual. How important is the cooperation between India and Israel?
A big part of my journey is from Israel, the country of innovation, to India, the country of health and mental health, trying to bridge the gap and bring about change. Support more people with the right approach, but also with the right evidence. In Israel today, there are many innovations unknown to the world – from the military and hospitals to educational institutions, all of which aim to improve the quality of everyday life. Indians today want to embrace their ancient ancestral customs, complemented by technological innovations. They embrace this practice because they love it, see progress, and don’t feel like they’re wasting their time on things that don’t matter. Innovation is one of the main factors that Israel can attribute to and contribute to the Indian market.

What are the risks of chronic stress?
Stress is an important factor in today’s world. You can look at the stats, although it usually reflects a heart problem, because it’s actually stress that affects the heart, causing many problems. In diabetes, the main factor is stress or uncontrolled emotions. As part of the Connect Ventures ecosystem, we decided to combine mental health with physical health and nutrition for a holistic solution.

What does behavioral foresight bring to improve quality of life?
We created Behavioral Foresight to give people the opportunity to improve their mental abilities and become more economical in their behavior by using different practices. While we’re using a lot of old philosophies, from pranayama to meditation, we’re also curating new protocols with new science — supplementing old knowledge and validating it with technology, designing and sourcing procedures and protocols for different types of people. From training children how to play while learning all the life skills they need to be the best they can be, to training athletes how to support India’s sports ecosystem and improve their performance while improving their quality of life as the sports industry is a requirement very high industry.

We are working with different companies on highly innovative programs to support their employees and leaders by combining Israeli technology with innovation agreements. These plans do not prevent them from following their daily routine, but allow them to continue their lifestyle while improving it. Our experience in different fields over the years has culminated in the development of EZUN – an experiential thinking simulation training that combines Israeli technology, gamification and science. Our mission is to use the smallest amount of mental capacity for maximum mental performance through impactful gamification and fun protocols that enable superior momentum.

We also work with the Indian military to allow them to perform and operate in the most challenging environments in the most efficient way possible.

Are games beneficial and healthy for improving mental abilities?
After nearly 4 years in India, we have gathered important lessons from the Indian market and applied them to the way we operate. We want to make our process easier for more people to enjoy. That’s when we realized it was important to gamify the whole process. The moment you play, you enjoy and have fun. Automatically have less judgment, less restriction, less resistance, and therefore, more neuroplasticity (psychological adaptation). At the same time, we wanted to make it more scientific and relevant to data, so we had evidence that our approach was delivering value to our clients.

This is how we designed the simulation room Ezun. Ezun means basic balance in Hebrew, we train a person to be able to maintain balance at all times. Balance is not stagnation. It is constantly changing and one should be able to rebalance themselves and maintain that balance continuously during the day. That’s what we developed with Yizun. Each experiential training program has been carefully designed to fit perfectly with EZUN – state-of-the-art simulation training delivered by our experts. Our goal is to enhance the sustainable learning experience of up- and down-regulation of bodily sensations and behaviors to master the highest economic level of personal psychological currency.

We have Israeli technology that allows people to assess how their physiology responds to different stressors. In addition to this stress analysis, we also use respiration assessments to understand the function of breathing. This is a very important tool for changing a person’s mindset, as well as observing and evaluating a person. We also use tests to measure cortisol levels. These 3 parameters give us a stress profile to understand someone’s physiology in their daily life, and their natural responses. With this baseline, we curated different projects. For all programs, people just play computer and action games while the data accumulates from their physiology. Connecting the two, we can see how a person operates and the goal is how efficiently a person operates. Also, what are the economics of their behavior, whether they can be efficient and spend little and get a lot, or do they waste and spend a lot and get little.

What is your vision for the democratization of behavior-forward innovation?
We are working with our food department to understand how everyone can benefit from proper gut and brain function. We are extending our services to educational institutions as well as businesses and their employees to enjoy EZUN training and our food on the go. They can do this without changing their lifestyle and without having to neglect their work in order to focus on their health. With just small changes and fine-tuning, we can have a huge impact on their daily lives.

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