No sign of Julian Sands on California hills — but rescuers save another missing hiker | The Art News

Nearly two weeks after British actor Julian Sands went missing on foot, rescue teams in California say they have found no clues about his whereabouts.

However, a 75-year-old hiker who got lost on the same snowy mountain has been rescued.

NBC Los Angeles filmed North Hollywood’s Jin Chung being loaded into an ambulance Tuesday afternoon.

He broke his leg and suffered some weather-related injuries, but was able to walk with assistance and was taken to the hospital, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said.

His condition is unclear.

The sheriff’s department launched a search after Chung failed to return Sunday from a hike on Bald Mountain, which is 10,064 feet above sea level.

Zhong carpooled up the mountain with two others and planned to meet them in the car at 2 p.m., but failed to return.

Rescuers continued to search for Sands on Mount Baldy over the weekend without success, the sheriff’s department said.

The department’s statement added: “Helicopters and drones continued to use infrared equipment during the search, however, all of these equipment failed to detect any signs of sands.”

sandsAged 65, reported missing on 13 January while hiking.

Rescuers began looking for him on the highest peak of the San Gabriel Mountains, about 40 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles.

“No evidence of his current location has been found. The search will continue as weather and ground conditions permit,” the Sheriff’s Department statement said.

The storm blanketed the mountains with snow and ice, and the threat of avalanches and severe weather, including strong winds, hampered search efforts.

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Authorities say conditions in the mountains are extremely dangerous and two hikers have died in recent weeks. One fell from an ice slope at least 152 meters (500 feet) high.

Sands starred opposite Helena Bonham Carter in the 1985 British romance A Room with a View directed by James Ivory.

He also had leading roles in 1989’s Warlock, 1990’s Arachnophobia, 1991’s Naked Lunch, 1993’s Boxing Helena and 1995’s Leaving Las Vegas.

For decades, Sands has had smaller roles in film and television.

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