Perfect Business Lunch with FINDGROUP Partners Joel Romero and Edward Rodriguez

Known as the masters of luxury assets from mega yachts to luxury real estate, THE FINDGROUP is a firm of teams of entrepreneurs who are leaders in the sale, brokerage and delivery of their respective yachts, luxury and commercial real estate, jets and Luxury armored car.

CEO and co-founder Joel Romero and president and co-founder Edward Rodriguez have over 30 years of experience. Their charisma and unique skill sets provide a solid foundation for success. They specialize in bringing luxury assets to those who seek them, and take care of everything along the way. THE FINDGROUP’s luxury specialists have extensive experience in marketing, listing, selling and closing market assets, having grown into a full-service organization.

“There aren’t many companies that can offer four major luxury assets under one group while being able to work with clients in as many different capacities as we do,” says Joel Romero, who manages the yacht division. company.

“Throughout our practice, our high net worth clients frequently ask us to ‘find’ various assets for them,” said Edward Rodriguez. “That’s where the name THE FINDGROUP comes from. Our international reach and relationships allow us to find unique assets for our clients that are not usually available in the mainstream market.”

“We have long-term relationships with manufacturers, consultants, marketing firms, attorneys and experts around the world to provide the products and services our clients expect,” said Rodriguez, who manages the company’s real estate group.

In the high-demand world of luxury, there is a growing need for face-to-face meetings. Romero put it simply, “If you can’t meet, you’re never going to build a real rapport.”

When FINDGROUP entrepreneurs take their clients and business partners out, here are a few restaurants they frequent.

Global destinations recommended by the team include 7 Portes under the upscale Isabel II arches in Barcelona, ​​Spain. This beautiful old world restaurant has been serving traditional Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine since it opened in 1836. The menu features famous paella and rice dishes such as squid ink and lobster paella; traditional Catalan salads including xato, escalivada and esqueixada; handmade cannelloni; fish dishes from Monkfish in garlic sauce to turbot in meunière sauce; seasonal vegetable dishes; lamb chops, steaks and more. This is the place to go for a family-style meal in a restaurant that exudes charm and sophistication in one of Spain’s most exciting cities.

Another popular location for business meetings in Spain is the Cappuccino Palau March in the Balearic Islands. Just a minute’s walk from Ra Al Mudan Palace, this restaurant has a lively atmosphere, beautiful architecture and chic interiors. With a varied menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, there is always something to suit your taste. From steak, french fries, homemade gnocchi with truffle sauce, to vegetarian options like burrata and tomato or leafy green salad, this is a great spot for a casual lunch or dinner gathering.

When in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the Barcelona Tapas Bar is the team’s first choice for meetings. Known for its delicious Spanish cuisine, including paella, hot and cold tapas, salads and soups, it also stands out from the competition with its rooftop view. The restaurant has stunning waterfront views that are perfectly paired with the variety of cocktails, sangria, wine and beer on offer. Popular dishes include paella with fish, shrimp, clams, mussels, octopus, squid, peppers, green beans and saffron rice; jamón serrano español y pan tumaca; Gambas al Ajillo (garlic shrimp); Spanish tortillas with eggs, potatoes and white onions, served with aioli.

Finally, at their home base of Newport Beach, CA, they frequent Nobu, a restaurant of consistent quality. The legendary Nobu menu is rivaled only by the stunning sea views at Lido Marina Village. Classic Nobu hot dishes include black cod with butter lettuce; Chilean sea bass with dried miso; and rock shrimp tempura. In terms of cold cuts, popular dishes are yellowtail jalapenos; lobster ceviche; and sashimi salad. As for impressive entrees, prime ribeye with truffle butter; Dover halibut with crispy spinach; and Maine lobster with spicy garlic or mustard chili are all good choices.

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