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Memphis, Tennessee, Sept. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Memphis, Tennessee – African Americans are a fast-growing and rapidly growing audience of podcast listeners. Play Ode is the new app to play black radio stations and also offers a wide and growing selection of popular and curated black appeal podcasts, including:

More than just GIA Peppers

in its 2unknown Groundbreaking season, More Than That has become a hugely successful show on Black Radio, as well as a popular podcast. Conceived and created by media advertising giant Dentsu, the first-of-its-kind series highlights the economic, physical, spiritual, emotional, social and political excellence, growth and empowerment of Black people.

Gia Peppers is a hands-on host who interviews all sorts of great guests in her own familiar and caring way. Dentsu customers support more than just Gia Peppers: Charmin, Kroger, Bounty, Buick, Chevrolet, and Mastercard.

it’s still your world

The radio soap opera debuted in 1994 when the Nationally Allied Tom Joiner Morning Show debuted this is your world As an original black radio soap opera, it captured the imagination and hearts of millions of listeners.There is no doubt that millions of former “kids” have to sit still on their way to school every day while the adults driving are laughing and listening to the adults talking This is your world.

Fertile Minds from creator Brad Sanders, it is quiet your world Returns as a podcast featuring characters such as: Ed Regal, Fontella, Sterling, Red Bone and more.

R&R movement

in their 10th This season, sports hosts Howard Robertson and Larry Robinson’s R&R brought a unique and often bizarre perspective on black Xers and black baby boomers. There is always a lot of fun and laughter. About sports. about life.

If you’ve ever been to a black barbershop (or beauty shop), you’ll definitely recognize the vibe.

R&R also has great guests. Over the years, they have interviewed sports icons such as Jim Brown, Julius Irving (Dr. J), the great Hank Aaron, Earl “Pearl” Monroe, John Carlos and Tommy Smith. ESPN’s Scoop Jackson and other sports personalities regularly come to “kick” sports R&R. R&R on Sports is produced by Kudzukian, a digital media company founded and owned by show co-host Larry Robinson, who is also a collaborator with Ode Audio. Founder and CEO of Ode Audio co-host Howard Robertson is also a collaborator on Sports R&R.


Riffin’ on Jazz is your weekly visit with friends to talk about the music we love. That classic African American art form is called jazz.

That was the succinct opening statement of the show, describing what Riffin on the Jazz Podcast was all about. If you enjoy listening to jazz, 9 times out of 10 you were introduced to music and artists by someone you admire and respect…that person is older than you. Jazz “Old Men” Howard Robertson, Chuck O’Bannon, Deborah Sweeney and Marvin Massey delve into jazz and the people who make it.

Jazz audiences around the world have made listening to Riffin’ part of their way of life.

other podcasts

Other podcasts on Play Ode include: The Read, The Breakfast Club, The Smoke, The Right Time with Bomani Jones, Blues in the Basement, Black History Year, Dead Ass with K & D, The Therapy for Black Girls, and more.

carol, acronym OhHour dnumber eentertainment. With the slogan, Hear us gentlemen, Ode strives to be a platform that celebrates black media, black culture and black participation.

Play Ode proudly features a variety of popular podcasts from iHeartMedia.

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