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Sony announced the price of the upcoming PlayStation VR2 headset-it is more expensive than the console you need.

When the new virtual reality equipment was launched on February 22, 2023, its price was 529.99 pounds, while the current model is 479.99 pounds, 389.99 pounds Game station

Just like the previous headset inserted into PS4, the new headset needs to connect it to PS5 -this means that if you are keen and do not have a console, you can face the expenditure north of £ 1,000.

The first PS VR was launched at a price of £ 349 in October 2016, but unlike the sequel, it did not have a controller.

PS VR2 will contain two so -called Sense Controller, which provides a self -adaptable trigger in SONY that Sony is similar to the level of touch feedback and PS5’s own DualSense pad.

The headset will also provide eye tracking. The original is not available, and the external camera will no longer need to calculate where the player stands or sit and how to move.

The display panel of each eye uses OLED technology, just like many modern TVs, with 4K resolution. There will also be a built -in microphone and headphone jack.

What about the game?

The title of Marquee’s emission seems to be the call of Horizo ​​N: The Mountain. This is a new work in the existing action adventure series, which has been popular by fans and critics.

The previous Horizo ​​N Games was a large -scale open world experience, focusing on exploring and fast -paced battles, which led the upcoming first -person VR installment payment.

Sony will sell it separately and sell it with the headset. The price is higher, which is 569.99 pounds. Both can be booked from November 15.

Other games of PS VR2 include Resident Evil Village, which are updated entries in terrorist franchise operations for a long time, as well as other existing Titles Cities: Skylines and JURASSIC World Aftermath, and build headphones.

The price has not been announced, but many new PS5 games are now launched at a price of 69.99 pounds.

The standard model is priced at £ 529.99.Figure: Sony
The standard model is priced at £ 529.99.Figure: Sony

What other options do VR games have?

So far, one of the most popular options is Meta Quest 2.

Unlike PlayStation’s VR products, it can be used as an independent device without inserting a power supply.

Basic model competition is also cheaper than the price of competitors, although this is the initial price of 299 pounds.

Other options are very high -end and expensive, suitable for PC people.

These include Valve Index, which sells for £ 919 and HTC Vive Pro 2, which costs £ 499.

For real stubborn molecules, mark Zuckerberg It will sell you the ultimate portal of him to the universe -the recently launched Meta Quest Pro to you.

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