PM stresses importance of domestic tech market

VIETNAM, 24 September – VIETNAM – Prime Minister Pham Minh Thanh said that the science and technology sector is an important part of Vietnam’s socialist market economy.

Chính, who chaired a science and technology development conference online with 63 provinces and cities in Hanoi yesterday, said that over the years, the party and the state have attached great importance to investment and introduced and implemented many relevant policies in the field of science and technology. technology.

He added that the market has initially formed, developed and achieved certain results. However, compared with the needs of socio-economic development and some other markets, the technological market is slow to develop, with many obstacles, a loose connection between training and research, and a weak application to production needs.

He said that the “Ten-Year Science and Technology Development Strategy for 2021-2030” has determined to vigorously develop the science and technology market, build a national science and technology database, and effectively connect with the national science and technology exchange and local science and technology application transfer centers. and technological progress.

He also said that developing intermediary service agencies, securities companies, technology transfer evaluation networks, and vigorously developing the technology market are one of the main tasks and solutions to promote the development of technological innovation and create breakthroughs in productivity and quality. and efficiency, increasing competitiveness in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Prime Minister Chinhe said that the meeting aims to assess the situation, correctly identify limitations, shortcomings, difficulties and challenges, determine the direction, and propose tasks and solutions to better organize and operate the scientific market.

With this desire, the market is indeed the shortest and most effective way to turn science and technology into the main productive force of society, help enterprises to create many new goods and services, have a high scientific content, and create excellent economic competitiveness.

At the meeting, the participants focused on analyzing and evaluating the operation of Vietnam’s technology market, clarifying the advantages and disadvantages of the main players in the technology market, and evaluating the interaction, cooperation and coordination among these players.

In particular, delegates looked for answers to many of the findings. Although the intellectual property rights of universities are quite rich, technological products are still very limited. The need to acquire, absorb and master new technologies is always there, but not all businesses are actively and excitedly investing in technology products.

Representatives of ministries, branches, organizations and scientists discussed intermediaries, brokers, linkages, facilitation of transactions and the flow of technology products; development of national science and technology infrastructure in conjunction with regional and international markets and institutions, mechanisms and policies for the development of science and technology markets ; Strengthen the role of the state in guiding, regulating and effectively supporting the development of the science and technology market. — VNS

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