Police find £1.2m worth of cocaine in wheelchair at Milan airport World News

Nearly £1.2m worth of cocaine found in electric wheelchairs in Italy.

A sniffer dog helped police at Milan Malpensa Airport make the discovery.

The wheelchair user pretended to be disabled, and the Financial Guard police found drugs stuffed in the wheelchair seat cushion.

The man was immediately arrested, police said.

Dog teams patrol the airport, checking passengers and their luggage arriving on flights from the Dominican Republic, a common drug-smuggling route.

When the dog drew police attention to the wheelchair, officers checked the luggage but found nothing.

They then cut through the interior of the wheelchair and found cocaine.

When the discovery was made, the user, a Spaniard, got up from his wheelchair and walked alone, police said.

In total, 11 packets of cocaine were seized, weighing 13.25 kilograms (25.2 pounds), and could be taken in 27,000 individual doses, police said.

The bust has a street value of around €1.4m (£1.2m).

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