Raleigh’s consignment store sees surge in business after COVID-19 pandemic

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Friday, December 30, 2022 at 2:45 am

Raleigh consignment store sees business surge after pandemic

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) — Consignment stores have seen an uptick in business as the country emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

After working from home for so long, many people are changing their wardrobes and no longer wearing everything in them.

Some choose to take their clothes, shoes and accessories to consignment stores like Raleigh’s Adore Consignment for a quick buck.

“Well, I think people are realizing that these items have some value. That’s when they bring it back to us. They can make some money off of it. So they don’t have to throw it away or donate it like they used to, said Klara San Filipo and Adore.

Consignment stores also said they saw an influx of donations after the holidays as people made room for new gifts they received.

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