Reader response: For Trump, documents have commercial value

It’s totally understandable why former President Donald Trump would take and keep boxes of documents containing classified documents. (“FBI finds documents detailing another nation’s nuclear secrets at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, report says,” Sept. 7)

He may not have read them, or if he has, he may not understand what he is reading. It makes sense; he’s a businessman. He may not know or care what information they contain, but as a successful New York developer known for operating on the fringes of the law, he certainly knows how to make money.

While he wasn’t interested in the true nature of public service, he was certainly smart enough to understand the asset when he saw it.

The same goes for documents marked “Confidential” or “Top Secret” or higher on his desk. He knew that secrets were valuable to someone. After all, if the upper echelons of our government think they are secretive, so will everyone else. Someone is willing to pay for them.

He brought home things with no clear market value. He took what was the highest bidder; someone from the Far East, someone from a communist bloc country, maybe a dictator who became a friend. who knows? Donald knows that dictators and oligarchs have money.

Totally understandable. You do business where you find it.

Gordon Maysez, Portland

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