Reliabank Business Beat: Zooks Coffee Bar

Living in a small town, it’s easy to sit back and say something is missing in your community. This is how the story of Linda Kokenge, a long-time tea shop resident, opened a new coffee shop. With a flair and passion for creating things from the ground up, she saw that the community needed a unique place to come together and pursue it. I recently sat down with Linda for this week’s Reliabank Business Beat to learn more about the creation of Zooks, a coffee shop with a NYC loft vibe.

Behind the Scenes at Reliabank with Linda Kokenge and Brittany Kaye

Linda and her staff at Zooks Coffee Bar pride themselves on being next to customers in Tea, South Dakota. They believe that great coffee is where it all starts. Whether you’re craving espresso, specialty coffee drinks, smoothies or energy drinks, you can satisfy your cravings at Zooks Coffee Bar at 815 Gateway Lane in Tea.

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