Ryder adds hitch-trailer service to freight brokerage business

Ryder Systems has launched a new hitch trailer service to complement its growing freight brokerage business.

Leveraging available capacity through peer-to-peer truck and trailer sharing platform Coop by Ryder, customers have access to a fleet of dry and refrigerated trailers. According to Ryder, Coop currently has more than 6,000 trailers listed in the US, and the inventory is growing every day.

Dave Belt, Ryder’s vice president and general manager of transportation management, said in a release: “Despite a severe capacity shortage in the U.S., Ryder is uniquely positioned to take advantage of a large number of underutilized vehicles through our vehicle-sharing platform. trailer.” released. “By combining the expertise of our freight brokerage team with the trailer capacity available on Coop and our network of 45,000 qualified carriers, we have created a new solution to meet our customers’ needs.”

With Ryder’s hook-up trailer service, customers can rent one or more trailers to preload on their own schedule, then arrange for carrier pickup as needed, or customers can leave the trailers on-site for additional delivery when warehouse capacity is tight. storage. Also, most 48ft and 53ft. Dry and refrigerated trailers have digital tracking available so shippers can keep track of their loads.

“Shippers gain flexibility and efficiency, and carriers increase productivity by eliminating time wasted waiting for live loads. And, in this case, owners who list on Coop have the opportunity to earn more,” said Coop Vice President Romain Rousseau said in a press release. “As Coop expands rapidly and Ryder continues to grow, it is exciting to look at the wider business, find synergies and develop innovative solutions to meet customer needs.”

APL Freight started renting out its idle trailers on the Coop platform in April, earning more than $728,000. And, according to Ryder, with the recent launch of its hitch-and-trailer service, APL Cargo saw an increase of 900 rental days and $57,000 in revenue.

“Partnering with Coop has been fantastic. The vehicle sharing platform has allowed us to increase asset utilization and generate significant revenue in just a few months,” said Grigore Canali, CEO of APL Cargo, in a release. “Being able to deliver affordable tractors and trailers on demand across America has been a game changer!”

Both Coop and Ryder’s freight brokerage businesses announced expansions earlier this year. Coop announced in February that it was expanding nationwide, offering customers more than 50,000 trucks and trailers from 14,000 trusted businesses. Ryder’s freight brokerage business announced in June the opening of a new office in Nashville, Tennessee, with plans to open two more in 2023.

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