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How Northern Real Estate Development Corporation is building for tomorrow

“We’re probably the quietest big company in Greenville,” said Zach Romano, director of strategy and investment real estate link. “We were founded in the north by locals in 1998 and have since developed over 600 projects across the country.”

If you have seen the most advanced top golf Go up the interstate near Pelham Road and you’ve seen them at work. The real estate development company has built its brand on a diverse portfolio—from grocery-focused shopping centers and power retail centers to single-tenant custom, multi-family, industrial, self-storage and mixed-use properties.

“Our founders have always done things the old-fashioned way when it comes to handling business: be kind to customers and grow the business organically through relationships and repeat customers,” Romano said.

Greenville may be the headquarters, but the company has regional offices across the eastern United States, where teams gather direct knowledge of each individual market and secure deals.

“We’re basic developers,” Romano said. “Typically, we acquire land, bring in tenants and the right contractors, and work with the right capital partners – like Fifth Third Bank – to do it all. We provide a full range of services, from front end to back end .”

The company is in a unique growth phase, expanding into four divisions, including residential and retail.

Zach Romano
Zach Romano

“We are adding hundreds of millions of dollars a year in developing assets,” Romano said, “and working hand-in-hand with private high-net-worth investors and institutional capital, as well as our bankers, to ensure we are well-capitalized. Much of the growth will go directly to the northern region. And Charleston, and even Savannah.”

Amid all this growth, company culture remains fundamental to RealtyLink’s focus.

“We take family culture very seriously here,” Romano said. “It has a big impact on the business we do. [It also informs] How we manage our resources, our assets and our people – our greatest resources are our team members. Culturally, this is very important to us, and it’s what we focus on in our day-to-day operations. “


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