Small business market showcases handicrafts from local artists

Erie Bank Sports Park became home to a local farmers market and several small businesses.

Legacy Hydroponics moved into the sports park about three weeks ago and is open Wednesday through Sunday, but other businesses fill the corridors selling their creations.

Owners say shopping locally is an investment in our community and their customer base is very supportive of everything they do. During the holiday season and beyond, you won’t be able to get any locally made crafts from places like Amazon, one store manager said.

“Just helping out. Unique gift and what you get compared to Amazon is you get to see these little artisans who put their heart and soul into their craft. You can’t get that from Amazon. You can shop locally and help them and help them family,” said Dawn Brown, Farm Manager at Legacy Hyroponics.

The market is located at the Erie Sports Bank and is held every Sunday.

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