Solo Furnace Patio Heater Released

The arrival of cold fall nights doesn’t mean your backyard entertaining has to stop. While layers, blankets, and even a fire pit can help ward off the cold, a durable outdoor heater is a surefire way to keep the party going. It would be even better if it was completely hands-free and smoke-free, right?

Solo Stove has introduced the stylish new Tower Patio Heater to keep your outdoors covered. Using the smoke-free innovation you love in Solo Stove’s fire pit, the tower is fueled by 100% recycled compressed wood pellets. With a 3-hour burn time, you can enjoy the warmth of toast from 10 feet away in any direction.

Make your outdoor living room as comfortable as your indoor living room with Solo Stove’s new Tower patio heater

With a tower patio heater, you can forget about crowding around a single heat source and letting your pets and kids wander around without worrying that they might be too close to an open flame. If your party wants to relocate to a new area, you can easily turn a tower heater in your space and let the warmth follow you wherever you go.

Get the Tower today for $599.99 and your heater will ship in mid-December—just in time for your backyard and ready for your upcoming holiday party.

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