SWLA shops, artists support each other at small business event Saturday

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – Small Business Saturday, November 26, is a day to celebrate and support small businesses and all they do for the community.

This year, we know small businesses need our support more than ever as they respond, restructure and emerge from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Some business owners are making the payments to support other local businesses in the area.

Suzanne Johnson, owner of Olive and Indigo in downtown Lake Charles, is as much a business owner as she is an artist.

Johnson makes and sells her own one-of-a-kind jewelry. She also prioritizes helping other local artists.

“So this is my friend Leah Broussard, she’s a local stained glass artist. She’s bringing her work to the specialty store on Small Business Saturdays this weekend,” says Johnson.

“I’m really grateful because I don’t have a storefront. I really like that Suzanne really cares about other artists,” says Leah Broussard.

Josh Keith, manager of the Greengate Garden Center, is also helping to support a local business. Grant Davis, owner of Joy Nutrition and Lake Charles Lawn and Landscape, opened a pop-up store in Greengate next Friday with Keith’s support.

“I think one of the ways that local businesses can support each other is by having us all be part of the same community,” Keith said. “We can collaborate as much as we can and really figure out ways we can work together and be successful together .”

“After running the business for a few years, I realized the importance of not only shopping locally, but also interacting with other business owners,” says Davis.

Another local business has kept us in top shape for years – S&M Family Outlet. The store, which just celebrated its 65th anniversary, has been supplying customers with clothing for decades.

S&M understands that supply and demand is not an exact science, it’s just one of many challenges small businesses face.

The holidays are about giving, and the best gift you can give to a local business is your support. Go shopping on Saturday, November 11th at this Small Business Saturday. 26 to start the season in meaningful fashion.

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