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Taylor Swift’s songwriting will be the subject of a new literature class at the University of Texas.

Course- of Taylor Swift Songbook – Beginning this fall, will fill a void in the University of Texas at Austin (UTA) roster.

This means that the pop superstar’s songs will be “read” with other British and American literary giants such as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Coleridge, Keats and other artists whose students hope to fully understand by the end of their studies.

According to a description on the UTA website, the course will use “pop icon Taylor Swift’s songwriting to introduce literary critical reading and research methods – essential skills for work in English literature and other humanities”.

“Focusing on Swift’s music and the cultural context in which it and her career have taken place, we will consider frameworks for understanding her work, such as poetic form, style and history as well as various issues and theories important to contextualization question, as we practice closely and read deeply, assess secondary sources, and build strong arguments,” it added.

For those who are ready for it, preliminary texts include the albums Red (Swift’s Version), Lover, Folklore, and Evermore.

UTA follows in the footsteps of New York University (NYU), which has previously helped fans achieve their wildest dreams by offering classes on Swift as a music entrepreneur and the various pop and country songwriters who helped shape her work.

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Earlier this year, the singer boosted her reputation by earning an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts from New York University.

New courses follow An independent university in Texas has announced that it will offer courses based on Harry Styles’ work starting in 2023.

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Harry Styles And Celebrity Cult: Identity, the Internet, and European Pop Culture will be offered at the Texas State University Honors College next spring.

It will focus on the work of pop stars in music and film to “understand the cultural and political developments of modern celebrities”.

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