The 35 Cozyest Gifts for Someone Who Loves Staying Home

Whether they like to snuggle up with a book and their favorite hot beverage, relax in a long hot tub, or enjoy a low-key game night with a few friends, the nerd in your life is sure to love each of them One of these super cozy gifts this holiday season.

From a pair of plush cable-knit slipper socks to a linen sheet set that gets softer with every wash, these cozy holiday gift ideas are sure to keep your loved ones warm and cozy. Need more ideas? Check out our Gift Ideas for Men, Gift Ideas for Women, Nordstrom Gifts, Utility Gifts, Beauty Gifts, and Gifts Under $25.

“Hygge” is a Danish word that roughly means the feeling of comfort, contentment and enjoying the finer things in life, this game contains over 300 thought-provoking questions designed to bring people together through conversation and storytelling, making it The ultimate game for anyone at home.

Otaku don’t need an excuse to drink hot chocolate, even if it’s not the holidays. But hey, it’s the season to help them load up on the essentials. This fun hot chocolate bomb set comes in a variety of flavors, from original milk chocolate, salted caramel, to mint. Just pour in warm milk and watch the magic unfold!

You can’t go wrong with this machine washable silk robe from Lunya, which makes a luxurious gift. With its pockets, internal ties, elastic cuffs and temperature-regulating material, it’s one of the nicest and chicest robes we’ve worn ourselves. With so many colors to choose from, you can make your gift recipient feel like a true queen. Check out more of our favorite robes here.

Well, well – they’ve probably tried (or ten) already. But does your stay-at-home friend have a really, really big blanket like this? As the name suggests, this cozy and soft blanket has something for everyone in the family. Or, if they just want to share the couch with their dog, it works too. It measures 10 feet by 10 feet and also fits on your bed for a better night’s sleep.

After a long day of working from home, cleaning and organizing the space, it’s time for the nerd to relax. What is the most comforting drink? Maybe a glass of wine, or even a hot toddy. From the kitchen to the sofa to the bathroom to the bed, these wine glasses will keep their favorite beverage just the right temperature.

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Blackout, under $20, made of five layers of ultra-breathable cotton? No wonder we named this eye mask the best eye mask on the market.

Rather than bouncing from cocktail hour to cocktail hour at holiday parties, nerds prefer to whip up seasonal jams, pour eggnog, and rock puzzles. Luckily, this gorgeous 800-piece jigsaw puzzle from our favorite puzzle brand Jiggy will keep them entertained for hours. It even comes with glue and an art print to stick it on so they can keep their eyes on it for years to come.

The term “Nap Dress” really says it all about this incredibly cozy dress with pleats at the bust and shoulders so you can take a nap in it. It’s from Hill House, one of our favorite clothing brands, and it’s available in a variety of colors and prints, and it comes with long sleeves if you’re in a colder climate.

Sometimes nerds have time for a long, pampering bath—other times, they just have to settle in and take a shower. However, it can still feel like a spa, as these shower steamers come in scents like lavender, eucalyptus, vanilla, and more.

On the coldest days of the year, there’s nothing like a cozy plush cotton robe for comfort. Since homeowners may be wearing robes on a daily basis, they may need an upgrade. Enter this highly rated 100% Turkish cotton tunic from Parachute. It’s available in five colors so they never have to replace it.

If comfort is synonymous with long, hot baths for someone on their holiday shopping list, we suggest giving them one of these handmade botanical bath salts. Choose from a variety of rejuvenating and relaxing scents, including Pink Himalayan Rose, Lavender and more.

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If You Think Linen Sheets Can’t Be Luxurious, You Are Have Try this bedding set from Parachute and it’s sure to change your mind. We named these the best linen sheets of the year because they are so soft and get softer with every wash. Plus, they’re available in a variety of gorgeous colors and sizes.

Looking for an inexpensive cashmere gift? Then you’ll love Naadam’s Essential Cashmere Sweater, $75. Available in 28 brilliant colors and a variety of sizes for men and women, this sustainably made sweater has something for everyone this holiday season.

Made from a lightweight cotton-poly blend, these jogging pajama bottoms are breathable enough to sleep in and comfortable enough to last you through the weekend. They feature a drawstring elastic waistband, large pockets and tapered cuffs for a relaxed and perfect fit.

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If coffee is their love language, they’ll no doubt take comfort in a cup of delicious, rich, flavorful Blue Bottle coffee from an easy-to-use and fully customizable subscription service. It’s so good, we even named it the best coffee subscription of 2022.

As the brand’s tagline puts it, these unisex sweatpants jumpsuits are “the most comfortable thing you never thought you’d need.” Made from an incredibly soft and sustainable blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester materials, they’re comfortable, functional, and fun to wear. Choose from a range of colors and sizes.

With a soft lining and a plush cable-knit exterior, these supremely comfortable slipper socks are basically like throwing a blanket over your feet, and who doesn’t love that?

Transform your home into a cozy haven thanks to this beautifully scented wooden wick candle from Threshold, scented with a warm and enveloping apple and amber. See more of our favorite Target candles here.

Rather than bouncing from cocktail hour to cocktail hour at holiday parties, nerds prefer to whip up seasonal jams, pour eggnog, and rock puzzles. Luckily, this gorgeous holiday-inspired 800-piece jigsaw puzzle will keep them entertained for hours. It even comes with glue and an art print to stick it on so they can keep their eyes on it for years to come.

If your loved one prefers a hot cup of tea, this herbal tea set contains nine herbs and three loose green teas from Japan, India and Sri Lanka that can be blended to their liking.

There’s no better place than your family friends to sip their favorite beverage and flip through their most recent book in their reading nook. One gift they’ll appreciate is a subscription to the monthly book club Literary Sentiments. They have a choice of five books “reviewed by cool people with great taste,” they pick one, and it’s delivered to their door. It’s that simple!

While this is designed for snowy days, it really is ideal for those at home any day. They work from home, they play from home, they love their home, and now they have everything that makes home even more exciting. It comes with a seasonal winter roast, espresso caramel and ceramic mugs.

Upgrade her pajamas with this machine washable silk set from Lunya. These pajamas are thermoregulating to help maintain a comfortable body temperature while being super soft and gorgeous.

Every holiday season, you think about gifting candles to those in your home. Of course they love it, but if you’re looking for something new, consider this kit. It allows your friends to make three of their own lavender candles using soy wax, essential oils, jars, and wicks. To work the magic, all they need is a thermometer, a saucepan, and three pencils.

This cozy gift guide wouldn’t be a cozy gift guide without a weighted blanket. Bearaby is one of our favorite brands of weighted blankets, and this velvet brand is a surefire editor’s favorite.

When you’re a nerd, every day can be a no-pants day. Definitely a no-shoes day because you’re staying indoors. However, slippers are helpful for a quick trip to the mailbox or to pick up a package outside. These highly-rated home slippers are not only soft and comfortable, but also have added support for improved posture. This sweet Portuguese made shoe is as stylish as it is functional.

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Sometimes homemakers want to liven up their style a bit. And by that, we mean swap sweat for leggings. We’ve named these leggings the best pair of leggings to wear as pants because they’re made from a non-binding fabric and work with just about anything in our wardrobe. They can throw on an oversized sweater and your friend will be ready for a Zoom call or a visit from a guest.

Whether you’re throwing on this oversized cropped sweatshirt post-workout or heading out for the weekend, one thing’s for sure: You’ll feel super comfortable and look super stylish wherever you go.

Just because nerds would rather be in their place than in a bar doesn’t mean they’ll be indoors 24/7. Because when they think about adventuring outdoors and enjoying the winter air, they need a blanket to keep them warm. This bug-resistant blanket from our favorite outdoor furniture company, Outer, is a celebrity favorite of Martha Stewart, Beverly Mitchell, and Amanda Cruz—and for good reason. It’s soft but repels insects like mosquitos and ticks. Plus, it’s lightweight and has a fun pattern.

Besides their couches, the only other place nerds spend more time is in the bathroom. They made it their safe haven, and now you can make it even more cozy with this gorgeous bathroom tray, which has room for a book, candles, and even a glass of wine.

To fill their favorite places with joy, reminding their friends and family can go a long way. But instead of picking a photo and framing it, opt for the digital smart photo option and let them add memories as they create their photo. This go-to product from Aura Frames allows for unlimited storage of photos and videos, which will keep them entertained for hours.

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This 100% silk pillowcase, which we voted the best silk pillowcase, is not only incredibly soft, it’s also clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles at the head of the bed. Also available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Robes are never enough, especially when considering cozy gifts. Whether you’re lounging around the house or stepping out of a long, relaxing tub, wrapping yourself in this plush robe is the equivalent of stepping into heaven. It’s made from an ultra-soft polyester nylon-blend that’s machine washable and has two deep front pockets perfect for storing your phone and anything else you might need.

Self-care is the ultimate form of comfort, and this Dewy Skin Essentials skincare kit from Tatcha contains everything you need to achieve hydrated, plumped and glowing skin.

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