Top business development executives to watch in 2022: James Batt of BlueHalo

James Butt, BlueHalo

James Bart

Chief Growth Officer, BlueHalo

James Batt is responsible for BlueHalo’s overall corporate development, leading business development, strategy and R&D investments to expand the company’s space, directed energy, missile defense, and cyber and intelligence capabilities through innovative services, products and solutions.

Since the launch of BlueHalo in 2020, he has developed a high growth strategy and focused business development on meeting mission-critical needs and national security and defense challenges. Combining the company’s broad range of innovation capabilities and products with transformational opportunities has enabled the company to achieve double-digit year-over-year growth and significant new contract awards, such as the recent $1.4 billion Space Force contract, to deliver best-in-class satellite operations capabilities.

“Identifying our key strategies and focusing all of our growth activities on these areas is critical to our success and momentum,” Batt said. “But the really differentiating factor is our team and the way they embraced and came together to execute on these strategies. We have all embraced this spirit of driving innovation in technology and transforming our mission, and I’m honored to be a part of this team. “

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Batt has more than 30 years of industry experience successfully applying key business development strategies, including opportunity pipeline management, go-to-market strategies and merger and acquisition integration, with commercial success in the national security and defense markets. He has shown early success at BlueHalo. With the company’s ability to rapidly tap private equity capital resources, create agile infrastructure and apply hyper-growth strategies, Batt will propel BlueHalo as the preferred alternative to non-traditional industries for the foreseeable future.

“BlueHalo’s impressive double-digit organic growth was not due to luck,” said BlueHalo CEO Jonathan Moneymaker. “James has been critical to our entry into key growth markets, and we have been methodical and consistent in our focus and investments. As such, BlueHalo is building a durable, disruptive platform capable of delivering key technologies and services to address our nation’s Nearly peer-to-peer and asymmetric threats.”

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