Well-meaning Samaritans help local businesses after vandalism

TULSA, Oklahoma — Donut holes are a Brookside staple, filled with fresh doughnuts.

The doughnut hole was vandalized on Saturday night and potential customers on Sunday encountered a closed sign and glass on the ground.

Until a group of well-meaning people decided to step in.

The group came to eat their usual Sunday morning doughnuts and saw the mess and decided to help clean it up.

Cecilia, Lilah and Olena love The Donut Hole so much that the three girls go there every week to buy their favourite donuts.

Instead of going home, the girls had an idea.

“I love helping out and I think she’ll appreciate it until she can replace her windows,” the three girls said.

Olena called her dad, who came over with plywood and paint to temporarily cover the broken window.

The design was inspired by the women’s soccer team’s rainbow donuts.

Each girl drew a different text and collaborated to make giant donuts.

They told 2 News they didn’t know the owner but she allowed them to spread some positivity for The Donut Hole on such a sad day.

The girls said they had never done anything like this, but they liked helping out and loved donuts.

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