Wilkes-Barre’s Ski Shop Hopes Snow Will Bring Good Business

A ski shop owner in Wilkes-Barre said snow has brought new people to winter sports.

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. — The streets of Wilkes-Barre were wet Monday, but snow elsewhere was driving people through the doors of the Top of the Slope ski shop on South Street.

“When it snows, it provides an extra boost,” explained store owner Michael Miscavage, who says the absence of snow stops business.

“Maybe a little bit. I mean, because you don’t need a new jacket when it’s warm.”

But that’s mostly because there aren’t many new skiers coming into the shop.

“Of course, yes,” Miscavage said. “More snow just attracts more beginner skiers or people who might want to start skiing. If they don’t see snow sometimes, they think there’s no skiing. But all the diehards know they make snow.”

The owner told Newswatch 16 that die-hard skiers and snowboarders still come to the store no matter what the weather, especially this year, and are interested in equipment upgrades.

“A lot of people come here to buy new skis and, of course, new boots. Snowboarders are also updating their gear,” Miscavage explained.

Although there was no snow here, Miscavage said his bus trip to New York’s ski resorts went smoothly.

“We just did a Hunter Mountain bus tour last week. We filled the bus; it was a great time. We have another tour. We’re going to a place called Bel Air on February 15th. The fare is $125. You get on the bus and have fun.”

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