Witnesses not at hearing in Memphis shooting

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — A court hearing of a Tennessee man charged with murder in a series of shootings in Memphis was postponed Tuesday when three state witnesses did not appear in the proceedings.

Shelby County Ordinary Conference Judge Karen Massey ordered the arrest of 19-year-old Ezekiel Kelly, who did not answer a subpoena to testify during a preliminary hearing. The judge postponed the hearing until October. 18.

Kelly was accused of killing three and wounding three others in a one-day live-streamed shooting that sparked panic and sparked a city-wide manhunt in Memphis on Sept. 9. 7. He has been charged with first-degree murder in one of the murders, and prosecutors say more charges are likely.

Kelly has not yet entered a plea to the murder charge. Kelly’s public defender, Jennifer Keys, declined to comment.

The case calls for a preliminary hearing, where a judge can hear testimony from witnesses and decide if there is enough evidence to move the case forward. Lawyers also demanded access to Kelly’s juvenile records.

The shooting led police to warn residents to shelter in place, cordon off baseball fields and college campuses, and suspend public bus service. Kelly was arrested after crashing a stolen car while fleeing police.

Kelly is accused of shooting Dwayne Tunstall in the head outside a home in east Memphis, according to a police affidavit. At least three witnesses saw Kelly shoot Tunstall at about 1 a.m., the affidavit said.

Police said Tunstall’s killing was the first of several shootings as Kelly drove around the city, changing vehicles at least twice. A shooting inside a business was broadcast live.

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