Worcester furniture store Rotmans closes after more than 60 years

A longtime Worcester business is closing its doors.

Store manager Barbara Kane confirmed Tuesday that Rotmans Furniture, Mattress & Accessory, which opened in Worcester in 1956, is closing.

Current CEO Steve Rotman inherited the business from his parents, Murray and Ida Rotman.

“Our founder, who has been running the business for over 60 years, has no immediate family to take over, so the decision was made not to keep the store open,” Kane said.

Kane said selling the company was a consideration, but said she didn’t think there was a good match with potential buyers and decided to close.

Rotman, 83, told Furniture Today that with his children taking up other careers than family involvement, “it’s time to make a change and move on.”

Rotmans became a public company when Vystar Corp. acquired a majority stake. According to Furniture Today, Rotman will remain CEO of Vystar despite the imminent closure of Rotmans.

Kane has been with Rotmans for more than 23 years and said the company considers itself a part of the Worcester community.

“We feel like we’re important to the fabric of the city, so you know it’s a sad time,” she said. “We therefore want to treat our customers in the way we have always done, taking into account their interests and concerns.”

The store, which is heavily stocked, will start its closed-of-business sale on Friday.

Everything in the store is available for delivery or pickup, and Kane advised customers to come early “to take advantage of the best options”.

Kane said sales will continue until supplies run out or the end of the year, whichever comes first, and he said the company hopes to close stores by the end of the year.

During the promotion period, the store will be open from 10am-8pm Monday to Saturday and 11am-6pm Sunday.

The business will close in October. 12 and 13 are ready for sale.

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