Houston-area plumbers race to help homeowners, business owners fix broken pipes after Arctic freeze

houston – On Monday, residents in the Houston area finally got some relief from the chill over the Christmas weekend.

For others, however, the weather is just a break from what they’re used to.

“It’s beautiful here,” said Keith Empiringham, who came to Sugar Land from Toronto.

One issue he said Toronto residents are “handling pretty well” is one that many families in our backyards are dealing with right now, namely bursting pipes.

The weekend has been hectic and exhausting for Zelena Brown as she fielded all the service calls from her family’s plumbing company.

When asked how many calls her company had received in the past three days, Brown didn’t hesitate to respond.

“I don’t even know. I can’t count,” she said.

One problem with this freeze, unlike 2021, is that it’s happening during the Christmas period, which means everyone is home and spending time with their families.

KPRC 2 Investigates did contact multiple plumbers, but all but two were out of the office on Monday.

Brown and her family were not surprised.

They said they knew many of their colleagues were buzzing, so they chose to put their holidays on hold and freeze work over the weekend.

“We were literally working 24-hour shifts, taking care of everyone as best we could, and then starting work a little over two hours later,” Brown said.

Reported losses are different from February 2021, according to Brown.

“Last year, most of the plumbing was indoors, causing a lot of damage. This year the plumbing is external, so that makes for a quicker service call.”

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